Friday, 13 March 2009


Once you've seen one island paradise...

The variety in Micronesia is in the nuances, so here is my very handy rundown of what's what in the Pacific.


The world's number one scuba diving spot according to many, the blue wall is supposedly unmissable. Supposedly, because of course we missed it. A Republic in its own right, Palau is the most developed of the truly Micronesian islands, and the natural beauty (particularly in the Rock islands) is unsurpassed.


Yap's sold as the Manta Ray island, but it is also the most traditional island in Micronesia, where women still go topless and tribal huts abound.


I expected American military bases and Japanese weddings, so I wasn't disappointed. Part of America, although I'm not sure what part.


The only island we didn't visit, this is supposed to hold some of the best wreck diving spots to be found - difficult to dive, but apparently worth it.


The largest island in the Federated states by far, the highlight here is above the ground at Nan Madol. An ancient city built in the shallow waters of the coast out of gigantic rock pillars many times bigger than people, nothing about this place is easy to believe. Clamber over ancient tribal resting places and kayak between the ruins and the mangrove forests.


The least developed of the islands. There's some good coral for divers, but the Lelu ruins (in theory the forerunners of those in Pohnpei) are badly preserved, overgrown, and full of trash dumped by passing locals.

So that was Micronesia. Have now crossed the International Date Line and reached Hawaii, so what I think is today is now tomorrow again. Weird.