Monday, 23 March 2009

Do these things have to happen in LA, or am I just lucky?

Curious thing. Since arriving in LA I've had the Human League stuck in my head. Maybe because it's a great song, maybe it's because every actor in LA is currently working as a waitress, I'm not sure. It makes for some odd bar chat. My favourite was the girl who plumped herself down at our table as she ended her shift, half mad and ranting from partying too hard the night before, saying she wanted to meet us because she heard we were English. If she wanted to hear our accents, she had a funny way of going about it, she monologued at us for an hour, talking louder every time anyone else opened their mouth and, every so often, letting out a deep bray for no apparent reason.

"I want to write for television. There's nothing intelligent on TV any more, it's terrible."

I squeezed my surprise in edgeways. "Is that true? What about the West Wing or..."

"Oh, yeah, like I've got time to watch for like an hour."

"So you want intelligence but you only want it for five minutes?"

She may not have realised I was playing, but she fixed me with a look brimming with integrity. "Yeah, exactly. That's why I write parodies of adverts."

Apparently this passes the 'intelligent TV' test.

She's not the only curiosity. There was the actor type walking down the street drunk at midday screaming obscenities at his (I'd imagine) perennially suffering agent (not present). I averted my eyes to avoid being hit and as I walked past him he yelled at me, "Why aren't you looking at me?"

I'd be tempted to call that a lucky experience, if the same thing didn't happen another two times before I got back to the hotel.


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