Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This is London?

Explain this to me. I make eye contact with the guy sitting opposite me on the tube. I say "Hey, how's it going?" His response? "Don't talk to me." So I don't. We get off at the same stop, get in the same lift, and he starts talking to me again. "You got a problem?" he asks me, like I'm threatening him. I say it's a bit of an over the top reaction to a simple 'hello'. He gets aggressive. I tell him this is his issue, not mine, and walk off.

And everyone I speak to about this goes, "Oh, well, you shouldn't speak to people on the tube, you're lucky you didn't get stabbed".


Anonymous said...

The guy's reaction was strange, but why he show aggression? Thanks for the sharing. I read your other posts too your blog is very nice.
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Anonymous said...

That's just London for you.

Everyone has their own plans and tries to get on with their own lives. When people 'invade', or simply communicate in your case, it is seen with caution.

Big city life

ann said...

there's alot of wierdos out there lol

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All Inclusive said...

I can't believe someone would act like that. People like that are why I don't talk to strangers often.

Ralph said...

Whoa! What kind of reaction was that? Good thing nothing bad happened to you.

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budget accommodation said...

People are just angry with their lives and monotony. Perhaps you where just the perfect target to explode =/
It's like when you go smiling at 8am in a crowded bus...you'll get angry looks even if you don't deserve it!!

Good luck next time! =D

Michelle Globetrotter said...

Thats the big city for you! Some people can be so paranoid...

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That's the big city and beautiful .. thanks for sharing

Carrie said...

There are a lot of strange people in the world and we all have to come across our fair share, huh. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks

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Enjoyed reading article, the city is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This usually happens with the strangers, but really wonderful to remember such moments. nice to read your experiences.

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cheap vacation from exotic travels and vacations said...

Fun to read. i like your post! what a weird experience! ;)

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Harry Watson said...

reaction was strange but why this was?
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